NYC Food Guide



New York City is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Although it can be crazy and honestly kind of scary, there truly is no place like it. Being a huge musical theatre nerd, Broadway shows are usually the main event when I go to New York, but my trips to NYC are never complete without eating some of the amazing food that this city has to offer. These eight places are all must-visits when I’m in New York, and I’m constantly craving the incredible bites from these New York stops.

Dominique Ansel Bakery: This place might sound familiar to you, and that’s probably because Dominique Ansel is the inventor of the cronut! Although cronuts are delicious, this bakery offers so much more. Some of my favorites are the DKA, a caramelized croissant that is amazing, and the Blossoming Hot Chocolate, which is the richest and most chocolatey hot chocolate with a marshmallow flower that “blossoms” in your drink.
My order: DKA and Blossoming Hot Chocolate.



Sushi Of Gari: If you are visiting New York City and you love sushi, you NEED to visit this incredible restaurant. Their sushi is my favorite of all time, and I’ve been to Japan. This is completely due to their innovation and how they put their own spin on classic techniques. I am a huge fan of tuna sushi, and it’s my go-to at any sushi restaurant. Their Tuna of Gari meal includes eight pieces of tuna nigiri, but each piece has its own individual flavor profile. Some are seared and some are raw, and each piece has its own level of fattiness. It also includes a spicy tuna roll as well. This meal is absolutely amazing and I look forward to it every time I visit New York City. Some other highlights from their menu are their gyoza, matcha crepe cake, and red bean dessert.
My order: Gyoza (for the table), Tuna of Gari, Matcha Crepe Cake (for the table), and Red Bean Dessert (for the table).



Ichiran: I discovered Ichiran on my trip to Japan, and I fell in love. Their ramen is deliciously simple, and to this day, is the best ramen I’ve ever had. When I returned home, I was ecstatic to find out that there are two locations in New York City, and now it’s a must-visit every time I go. Ichiran not only has delicious ramen, but it’s super innovative in that you eat in individual booths, and you can customize your ramen (richness of the broth, spiciness, etc.) on ordering sheets. I can’t recommend Ichiran enough, and I highly urge you to take a visit.
My order: Tonkotsu Ramen with medium dashi, medium richness, medium garlic, with scallion, extra chashu, 1 (medium) hiden no tare, and firm noodle texture.



Shake Shack: Shake Shack is a classic and it’s one of my favorites. Luckily I have a Shake Shack near where I live, so I don’t have to go all the way to New York to get one of their delicious burgers. If you aren’t as fortunate as me and you don’t have a Shake Shack near you, go visit if you are in New York. It has a cult following for a reason, it’s simple but delicious and they never disappoint.
My order: Double cheeseburger with mayonnaise and cheese fries.



Best Bagel and Coffee: Who doesn’t love bagels? Like the name of this bagel and coffee shop states, it truly is the best. Anything that you get from here is going to be delicious and it’s a must-stop every time I go. To summarize, no bagels compare to the ones made at Best Bagel and Coffee.
My order: Everything bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese and fresh squeezed orange juice.



Red Rooster Harlem: If any of you have watched Buzzfeed’s Youtube Series Worth It, you know that they go to New York all the time and eat at dozens of amazing restaurants. I finally decided that I needed to try one, so my family and I went to Red Rooster for brunch. Long story short, it was absolutely incredible. Their fried chicken is the best I’ve ever had, and their sides are the perfect accompaniment.
My order: Hot Honey Yardbird, Mac & Greens (for the table), and Creamy Stone Ground Grits (for the table).



Bluestone Lane: Bluestone Lane is one of those trendy restaurants that you see all over Instagram. They are famous for their avocado toast and as an avocado toast connoisseur, I knew I had to try it. If you are an avocado toast lover like me, I highly recommend this place for some yummy toast and a gorgeous Instagram shot.
My order: Avocado toast with heirloom cherry tomatoes and an iced latte.



The Smith: The Smith is my favorite brunch spot of all time. Of. All. Time. And trust me, I eat a lot of brunch. This place is just perfect, the atmosphere is classic but gorgeous, and their food always hits the spot. In fact, they are famous for their incredible mac and cheese, so how can it not be amazing? Take a close look at my order, because all of these items are out of this world.
My order: Crispy fried calamari (for the table), Mac and cheese (for the table), The Smith Eggs Benedict, and candied bacon (Could be for the table but I wouldn’t want to share this. It’s that good.).



I hope that by now, I’ve fully convinced you to try one of these places next time you are in New York City. Thank you for tuning in and happy travels!

– Maria


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